The Gear 

A collector by nature.. 

BJ: "..I like to find an old guitar or mandolin on the verge of being thrown away. To save it, restore it and eventually PLAY it gives me much joy!! The heart in my music is the geuine sound of resonator guitars and stompin' feet, when performing, me and my band also play piano, washboard, harmonica, double-bass, mandolin, kazoo and other typical instruments of the golden era!

I prefer acoustic instruments as I really LOVE the sound from a vintage acoustic guitar that's 50-150 years old! My oldest playable guitar is from about 1840!! Man, if some instruments could talk, what a tale they'd tell... A huge passsion is resophonic instruments, Republic, National, Dobro, Amistar etc. and the Swedish brand Levin who's finest production is second to none.

Here you'll find info and photo's on some of the instruments used recording the albums "All Around Man" and "Northern Heart, Southern Soul". A whole LOT of mighty fine lookin' and sounding stringed instruments.."

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