The CD - Northern Heart, Southern Soul

My looong over due solo project, to finally deal with all the songs I've written over the past few years, arranging, recording and releasing my songs on a CD! I just sit down with my guitar and the words and music comes to me. It was about time to let y'all hear them!!!!

I've done this now and my music has been overwhelmingly well received, which pleased me incredibly, I mean, these songs have been written and tucked away in the piles of paper for years, I didnít really know what to do with them! Or when or how! But now itís happened, my music ready and waiting to be heard by friends and fans!

I invited a number of buddies to play along on some of the tracks. A huge THANK YOU to all musicians!

So, just click on the links to get to the different pages with info about Northern Heart, Southern Soul..

And thanks for stoppin' by and I hope you'll also enjoy visiting for much, much more info on me and my music..

Bottleneck John