Recording blues on the go!!!

Check out the program FourTrack for iPhone:

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Well... I've downloaded this app, and it is sick... Insane..
Coool !!!!!!!!!!!
Haha, highly recommended to all iPhone users out there, this app is AWESOME!!! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Just the phone and headphones were used, the mic is the one built in.
The voice distorted a bit, hard to find the proper distance right away without testing first, LoL!

Straight to the computer, no EQ or fixing/mixing with the file...

Foot-stomping was a high-tech thing, put down the phone on some bubble wrap on the floor beside the foot and stomped away, haha!

The backing vocals were recorded in the kids room while I looked after our 11 months old daughter ..
There were a few retakes due to all the toys that were thrown to the floor, followed by laughter.

But this shows that having this phone and app can be really useful!
Recording on the spot, on tour, backstage or where ever.. specool.gif



And here's a 10(!) track recording!!

** Listen to Do you call that a buddy? here!! (10 ch) **

This is a song called Do You Call That a Buddy?

Just for the sake of it, I squeezed 10 tracks into the recording on my iPhone, hehe .. Very funny!
Got a little better this time with everything but the lead vocals distort here and there.. :mrgreen:

I used only the supplied earpiece and the phone mic ..

I managed to squeeze in:

Guitar banjo: Levin 1931
Resonatorguitar: Republic Highway 61
Mandolin: Levin 1950's
Drums(brushes!) Played on the banjo skin, haha! :mrgreen:
Lead Vocals
3 Backing vocals

Using ONLY the iPhone and the headphones that comes along, so simple!!


Here's a video clip with info and the two songs!!


And I have now begun to record with the Sonoma Guitar Jack connected to the phone and using a large diaphragm condenser mic!

Seems to be an AWESOME improvement of sound quality, sounds very natural and clear.
Been doing some tracks with a double-bass for starters.
Will add a lot of acoustic instruments..

And I can reveal that the project not only aims to record with the phone but the songs are a bit unusual.
I've gone back to my own "roots", old hard rock..
The idea is to get the rock music from my youth to sound more like the rootsy blues I'm playing now, delta style acoustic..

I'm having a blast arranging and recording, folks!

Lots more info and songs to come.. Stay tuned!