The Players

A whole bunch of my good friends appear on this CD, great guys and awesome musicians too..!! This is one of the best things about playing music, all the people you meet and share the stage and recordings with!

They are:


 Lars Åstrand: Mandolin & violin  



Mattias Nordqvist: Piano 



Stefan Swén: Harmonica 


Kent Ögren: Double-bass


Mattias Olofsson: Drums


Fredrik Eriksson: Double-bass


Patrik Idell: Guitar


Peter Danielsson: Banjo


Jan-Olov Oscarsson: Tuba


Victor Bolinder-Munktell: Tractor-rhythm!!

(Thanks to Bo-Lennart Eriksson)

Oh yeah, I play some on this CD too, haha!! Here's me and a 1931 Chevy, the bluesmobile...

Johan “Bottleneck John” Eliasson: Vocals, Acoustic 6/12-string & Resonator guitars, Banjo, Rhythm-Mandolin, Foot-stompin’-Percussion, Kazoo!