I still want you

I ain´t got no money, I ain´t got no job,

my shirt needs some stitchin´, times as hard.

My home is a mess, guess my life is too.

I´m walkin´ the edge to get my message through,

I´ve still got my pride and I still want you!!


Now it seems that I´ve waited far to long,

to tell you how I feel, I´ve done so wrong!

I´ll write you a letter, even write you a song,

‘til you come back home,  what can I do?

I´ve still got my soul and I still want you!!


I need somebody, I need someone,

I need someone to call my own.

In my dream my angel softly spoke: you´ll s ee,

from this day on it´s gonna be me and you.

I´ve still got my heart and I still want you!!


"..Not much to say about this one.. Just a happy song with not too happy lyrics, haha!! Written a long time ago, when I just missed the chance to tell a girl how I felt by a day or two, because she left for another country for a loong while.. Still, no matter how painful life is, there's always one more time to try and get it right, hopefully.. Keeping one's pride and keeping our heads up and keep on trying.. (Easy to say, harder to live up to..)