The Songs

Music from my heart & soul!! Songs about happiness, love, anger, despair, trust, comfort, sadness, appreciation etc, etc.. In short - about life.. Some of the songs have been waitin' for 10 years or more, some written 3 weeks ago, finally they are all recorded, I hope YOU can feel my blues the way I do!! I put the lyrics and song info here instead of having them on the CD cover..

Click on a song title to get more info+lyrics.. The old phonograph will play a sample!

When everything else is gone

Too bad You had to leave

The truth

Spirit in the blues

Rainbow blues

I like what I see


Let it go

Northern heart, Southern soul

Your time in the sun

We can never tell

Blind Willie’s tune

I still want You

I‘ve got a feelin’

Tired man blues

My little QT


Words & Music by Johan "Bottleneck John" Eliasson (c)  All rights reserved.