Let it go

Well, I´ve been told to have and hold is easier said than done,

critisize and then realize, the damage has been done.

Thinkin´ about our lives today, little do we know,

emotional feedback runs through you, and maybe it´s time to go..?


Headin´ down the path you´re on, never walk astray,

if bad gets worse, just lift this curse, and make it right and say:

As we watch our spirits die, we hang on to our pride,

instead of lettin´ bullits fly, try makin´ peace inside..!


And people that´s my tip to you, just let go of your pride,

and if you don´t you´re taking the risk of causing your love to die,

It really doesn´t matter, if we´re right or wrong, and as we do the walk of life,

let it go, and walk on…!

"..This boils down to the fact that so many people have a hard time letting go of their pride.. No matter what the cost, they just won't listen to any other reasoning and "stick their heads in the sand". I'm sick and tired of this.. Pride is a really good thing mostly but sometimes it can really destroy relations between people..I say. let it go!!.."