The truth

Well, hi there my friends, please listen to me and the story that I´ve gotta tell,

It´s a tale about life as we know it today and now you´ve gotta  listen well..

The message is to help each other and stop the wicked sacrifice,

let us live like sisters and brothers and make this world a paradise!


Well now the time has come for you and me, people, can´t you see?

To set things right, end the endless fights, show respect to life and be free..

But here we go again and again as the leaders of the world rages on,

we´ve gotta let´em know that it´s insane, for a better future to come..

So everyone should listen, yeah, to that message of love,

it was spoken by man with a vision, yeah, now speakin´ to our hearts from above.

And I call upon you to remember, the thoughts and dreams he shared with us,

for humanity to live together, yeah, let our children learn how to trust!!


Now, here I am again my friends, to finish off this song,

about how it´s high time to get it on, and I hope it won´t be long,

before y´all see, just like me, we´re headin´ down a blind alley.

Time right now to wake up folks, there´s the truth for you and me!!


"..This song is a wake up call..!!! Friends, we must look beyond our selves and our own situation. I am the happy and proud father of two little ones, it kinda worries me when I think of and see how the world is "stumbling along" with all the fights and wars that just keep on keepin' on.. Let's work for a better place for our kids!!!!.. Hmm, sometimes I get into a serious state of mind, well, it's something to think about anyway..." :-)